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VSS Vintorez

For those who want the thrill of holding an authentic sniper rifle, the Airsoft VSS Vintorez is the choice for you. Sniper rifles offer a distinctive experience, demanding precision and patience from users. Many airsoft owners have discovered the exhilaration of owning a sniper rifle replica in their collection. In particular, this Russian made AEG is expertly modeled after the VSS Vintorez, giving users the same experience without the heavy ammunition.

The actual VSS Vintorez is a 'Special Sniper Rifle' Developed in Russia during the late 1980s, the VSS Vintorez is still produced by Tula Arsenal. The name Vintorez literally means "thread cutter," and the rifle is a suppressed sniper rifle. Its primary use is to arm units for high security operations. This is why the rifle can be quickly stripped down, which makes it easy to transport the gun in a customized case.

One of the key features of the VSS Vintorez is the suppressor, which is wrapped around the barrel. The gun is semi-automatic and is standardly used with a 10-round magazine. It is used with subsonic ammunition, which is very effective at piercing body armor without a sonic boom. This functionality has made the gun a standard part of covert operations for Russian Spetsnaz units and MVD Internal Troops over the last 20 years.

The Airsoft VSS Vintorez is a skillfully made replica. Although there are many AEG options available for consumers, this unique piece has the authentic look of the original. This Russian made AEG can be purchased whole or with numerous accessories. The accessories, like the rifle itself, are all carefully crafted to exactly replicate the look and feel of the actual VSS Vintorez. Overall, for an AEG that looks, feels and shoots like the real thing, be sure to consider the Airsoft VSS Vintorez.